No More Shoulder Ache With Anti Gravity Backpacks

No More Shoulder Ache With Anti Gravity Backpacks

Backpacks are undeniably the best laptop bags. They have never gone out of trend and are popular among students, office-goers, and travellers. However, carrying a heavy backpack for long periods can cause discomfort and pain in the back and shoulder muscles. It can also lead to fatigue and bad posture.

Anti-gravity backpacks were launched to solve the drawbacks of traditional backpacks. Anti-gravity backpacks are the latest addition to the backpack family and an upgrade in comfort and style.

The History of the Anti-Gravity System

The anti-gravity system used in these smart laptop bags originates from an ancient Chinese transporting tool called "BianDan", used by porters. A bamboo pole of high strength and elasticity was used, and heavy weights were attached to both sides of the structure. This pole was then placed on the porter's shoulder. The flexibility in the "BianDan's" structure would make it act like an elastomer, causing a forced vibration with the porter's movement. This helped reduce the load on the porter's back, as it has been scientifically proven that the human body is more adept at handling dynamic and changing loads than static loads. The "BianDan" structure allowed more relaxing time for the body, which helped combat exhaustion.

Read on to find out more about Anti-Gravity Smart Laptop Bags!

Anti Gravity Smart Laptop Bags
  • Technology:

Anti-Gravity Backpacks use a modernised patented technology. As laptop backpacks carry lots of essential items in addition to the laptop, the backpack tends to get heavy. Whenever the weight of the anti-gravity backpack reaches a certain mark, the smart inbuilt pressure detector system senses it, and the backpack's shoulder straps are suspended to a point. This release causes the bag to bounce more, releasing tension on the shoulders and evenly distributing the backpack's weight. This technique reduces the strain on the back and shoulder muscles and helps counter fatigue and exhaustion. Anti-gravity backpacks reduce muscle tension by almost 25% compared to traditional backpacks.

  • Material:

The material used in anti-gravity backpacks is high quality and mostly shock and water-resistant. This converts the anti-gravity backpacks into all-weather fancy laptop bags. Water-resistant laptop bags are very useful as the material will protect items from getting wet during rain. As the bag has high durability, it is perfect for trekkers and hikers.

  • Posture:

When the tension on the shoulders is released in the anti-gravity backpacks, the weight of the load spreads evenly throughout the back, shoulders, and hips. This improvement from the traditional backpack reduces neck pain and helps users look ahead and walk straight without crouching or slouching. This makes the anti-gravity backpack a smart laptop bag.

  • Health and comfort

Anti-gravity backpacks improve stability and help save the body's strength. The bouncing of these smart laptop bags lets air pass, increases ventilation to the back, and reduces sweating and stickiness. In the long run, using anti-gravity backpacks reduces the risks of spondylitis. In terms of comfort, anti-gravity backpacks have premium-graded padding at the back, providing support and posture control to the user.

  • As a travel bag:

Anti-gravity backpacks give a new definition to travelling. These multipurpose laptop bags are perfect for travel, trekking, and walking long distances. They come with a 4-point independent suspension system that protects muscles from sudden movements and jerks.

  • Storage:

Anti-gravity bags have substantial storage to carry essential and heavy-weighted items. The laptop space in most anti-gravity bags is up to 15.6 inches a decent amount of space to hold laptops of most major brands.

  • Unique styles and designs

Anti-gravity backpacks are multipurpose laptop bags that students, office-goers and travellers can use. These smart laptop bags come in various styles, colours, and designs, allowing everyone to choose the perfect backpack per their needs and preferences. The backpack is perfect for students as it can hold a lot of weight without impacting posture or burdening them with the load. For travellers, the load becomes manageable, and there is ample room to add other essentials and travel gear.

  • Options for men and women

Anti-gravity backpacks are available in different categories. There are backpacks for women and men, which differ based on style, colour, and capacity. Some companies make smaller backpacks for women. There are also several unisex options. People can choose whichever bag they think will suit them.

  • A class apart

Anti-gravity backpacks have a classy appearance that sets them apart from traditional backpacks. These smart laptop bags are eye-catching and make one appear classy and sophisticated. The anti-gravity backpacks are a massive hit in the corporate world as they provide a sleek look.

Anti-Gravity Backpacks by AirCase

Anti Gravity Backpacks

The stylish looking Anti - gravity backpacks available in different colors and design checkout now.

As the name suggests, AirCase Anti-Gravity Backpacks are among the best laptop bags. Certified by lab testing, the backpacks use a patented technology that gives them anti-gravitational properties. As the weight within the backpack increases, an inbuilt pressure detector senses it and releases elastic shoulder straps. This changes the backpack's weight and reduces excess pressure on the neck and back muscles. This reduced pressure is almost 23% as compared to regular backpacks.

Storage: The backpack has enough storage space with multiple pockets. The laptop compartment can carry a laptop of 15.6". It also has a hidden anti-theft pocket.

Material: The backpack is crafted with high-quality material that is water-resistant and scratchproof.

Multipurpose use: The backpack's weight reduction technique makes it suitable for students and office goers. The anti-gravity bag is also ideal for travellers as it will make travelling long distances seamless.