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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) What are the most popular 13 inch laptop sleeves?

A: Our top-selling sleeves include Best in Town Laptop Sleeve 13-inch, Raya Sleeve for Laptops, Best in Town Laptop Sleeve 14-inch, Neoprene 14.1-inch Laptop Sleeve with Handles, Compact Laptop Briefcase Bag for 15.6-inch laptops among others.

Q2) What is the price of a good 14 inch laptop sleeves?

A: Our bestselling 14-inch Laptop Sleeves - the Raya Sleeves are water-resistant, and shockproof, slim and lightweight, and come with a soft inner lining to protect your laptop. These fall between the price range of 400 rupees to 700 rupees.

Q3) What 14 inch laptop pouch are in style for 2023?

A: Sleek, lightweight and stylish 14-inch laptop sleeves are what's in style. Sleeves that are able to protect your laptop from shock and impact, are easy to carry and look premium.

Q4) What colors are available in 15 inch laptop sleeves?

A: Our 15-inch laptop sleeves come in a wide range of colours ranging from red to blue, black, bronze, grey and more. Also, these are slim, portable, lightweight and made from wrinkle-free neoprene material.