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The Best Travel Bags For Any Occasion - Find the Perfect Fit

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Are you a travel enthusiast? Looking for travel bags? From duffle to toiletry bags, a range of funky, stylish and sizable bags are available for different affairs. Whether you are an excess bagger or a minimal one, wait no more and find your perfect travel companion today.

Aircase presents you with a range of travel bags for every occasion with the required space, style, and usage you are looking for all in one place with premium quality.


Stylish Duffle bags


Duffle bags are the most practical bags in the category. Practical for trips which need quick and simple solutions without unnecessary baggage. It gives you perfect space for all your travel essentials.

Available in two different types of fabric -cotton canvas and Vegan leather, both duffle bags are superior in quality.

Canvas duffle bags: A stylish trave; bag made of top cotton canvas with excellent zippers and detachable shoulder straps. It is medium, lightweight with incredible space and you can carry it to the gym or away for a night or weekend. The available inner pockets help to keep the essentials such as wallets, adapters, passports, etc. With convenient grab handles it is easy to carry. The premium quality material is suitable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Vegan leather duffle bags: The vegan leather duffle bags are made with durable brass-coated metal zippers, well-built shoulder straps, and protective metal feet to protect your accessories. The water-resistant quality protects your belongings from ruining.

Both the duffle bags have 6 months warranty on the Aircase website. They have an exquisite sense of style and durability protecting your goods, suitable for a short visit.


Premium travel backpacks


Travel backpacks are a popular choice among travelers as it is easy to carry, looks stylish, is spacious enough to accommodate all your travel essentials, and have a premium design. One can easily call it a “travelers favorite bags”. Aircase provides a range of stylish and durable backpacks suited right from a college student to a hiker.


A must-have travel backpack for all your adventures. You can carry Laptops, Ipads, tablets or any important gadget as it has nylon fabric velcro closure for the security of your gadgets. It has ample space and compartment for clothes and other goods. Made of premium vegan leather, it also has front pockets for extra space. The porous well-padded straps with adjustable side straps are designed to give relief to the back and shoulder. It is a water-resistant, lightweight travel bags and comes with a 6-month warranty.


An innovative depiction of technology- this bag comes with a smart built-in pressure detection system. A smart bag that understands your needs to not only carry your essentials but also protect your back and neck muscles. The elastic shoulder straps suspend the opening and alter the weight distribution once the weight increases. This eases the pressure of the bag on the neck and shoulder. With a warranty of 12 months, this unique travel companion with a chic exterior design is suitable for bikers and climbers.


Bags for the fashion conscious people. It makes for the perfect cabin bag as it is stylish, lightweight and easy to carry. The bag comprises pure cotton canvas material which has water-resistance qualities. Durable product for multi-purpose usage and a chic carry for both men and women, canvas backpack is the compatible partner for laptops of any brand and comes with a 12 month warranty. A spacious, elegant, sleek backpack for all your needs. From casuals to executives it is a choice no one will regret.


Sling bags are perfect way to keep your essentials handy. Ideal to keep your wallets, mobile phones, keys, sunglasses, earpods, or any other essential for a quick grab. Available in subdued colors with cotton canvas and vegan leather mixture giving it a designer look, it is suitable for both genders. It comes with a press button for a secure finish and a detachable sling strap to convert it into a pouch which fits inside a backpack or any travel bag. The material used is a quick sponge off using a wet cloth. This travel buddy comes with a 6 months warranty and adds to your style and helps you with day-to-day life.

Travel organizers


Are you looking for a travel bag that helps you compile your luggage according to your travel configuration? We have the answer. Travel organizers for thorough packaging, whether you require small kits for your basic necessities or a cube to fit in your trolley luggage in an assembled way. Travel bags for men as well as travel bags for women are available in unique designs and fabrics. Get ready to be super organized for your trips and enjoy every bit of it.

Canvas Travel Kit

Organized packing is an art form. To keep your essentials within your reach before, during, and after travel, a travel kit is a solution to assist you with the process. A multipurpose bag made of high-quality organic cotton canvas that is antibacterial and keeps your belongings clean. It acts as a good men’s and women’s travel makeup bags and it’s heavy-duty zippers are used to secure the tiny accessories in the organizer kit. It is leak proof ,lightweight and designed with a side handle or hook for easy portability.

Packing cubes

Whether you go to the beach, climbing, or camping this is your travel buddy to hold on to the necessities with maximum storage and minimum load. Toiletries, medicines, washcloths, and several other accessories can be stored in an organized manner in these cubical travel bags made of thick nylon fabric with permeable, mesh top panels. The high-quality material with durable fabric prevents bacterial growth and is easily washable and comes with a webbing handle to grab, hang or carry separately. Given the size and quality, It is available in a set of 4 and singles as toiletry bags for men and women. These are the best travel toiletry bags by Aircse and comes with 6-month warranty.

Vegan travel kit

Toiletry bags are a basic need for traveling. It reduces your time and effort to search for your basic requirements. The organized and precise design of the vegan leather travel kit makes it easy to carry and store accessories with efficiency as it contains two zippered pockets and one inside within the major compartment .The compartments are made with premium materials that keep the essentials bacteria free thus keeping in check the hygiene. A stylish travel kit which is travel friendly, leakproof and easy to handle. and spacious.


The variety of traveling bags by Aircase offered with a warranty gives you a prime deal to assemble your luggage in a precise manner and enjoy the stress-free tour with a sense of style. The travel bag price here is within an affordable range especially designed for every section of the customers. Newly launched Cabin bags are also quite a sight which gives you the liberty to take your belongings in the cabin and utilize the airy travel smoothly.
What's the wait for? Visit the Aircase site to grab the offers and enjoy your next ride with a sleek and handy travel buddy!