Leather bags

Best Leather Bags to Make a Statement


Looking for an elegant and sophisticated way to carry your laptop? Exotic and stylish vegan leather bags in a variety of categories. Bags that reduce the load on your shoulders and make your journeys feel like flying. Aircase presents various office bags to express your sense of style and unique fashion. Whether you’re looking for functionality or fashion, Look no further, here is the guide on the best leather bags for men and women.


Leather messenger bag


Messenger bags are the best office bags for office workers. Messenger bags are a popular and stylish alternative to laptop backpacks or office briefcases. They generally have a single adjustable shoulder strap and multiple spacious compartments to carry your essentials. Aircase provides you with Vegan leather messenger bags suitable for both men and women.

The following features will help you choose wisely:

  • EXCELLENT QUALITY: Quality is something that  is non- negotiable . If you buy any bag, the very first concern is the quality of the bag. Aircase always prioritizes quality. The vegan leather messenger bag is made of top-quality material with wrinkle-free, water-resistant, and impact-resistant attributes. Sturdy construction increases efficiency and reduces the possibility of product waste. Good quality always comes with long-duration assurance which makes it a good investment along with the brand's reputation.   
  • EASY TRAVEL: Comes with slim construction and perfect stitching making them lightweight. Hence perfect companion for your office. 
  • SPACIOUS: Another feature that distinguishes it is the amount of space available. You can store laptops of any size, from 13 - 15  inches, and other accessories such as power banks, checkbooks, notepads, chargers, and so on. An additional compartment is in  the front for quick access of items such as keys, wallets, or smartphones. The large compartments are created with exquisite conciseness to make them appear sleek and stylish. 
  •  ASSURANCE AND PROTECTION: The bags have padded base in the inner layer to protect your accessories from dust, dirt, water, scratches, or any accidents and comes with a 12- month warrranty.
  • FASHIONABLE: Easy to handle and  carry for both men and women. It has detachable straps to carry as shoulder bags or grab the handles as side bags. Available in chic black color to complement your fashion.



Laptop backpack for office


Leather backpacks are known for fashion and practicality for centuries now. Aircase understands the importance of the legacy thus offers premium leather backpacks for office use.  A must for fashion enthusiasts with  maximum utility. Let us give the details to know better.

  •  EXTRA COMFORT: These leather office bags are quite popular for their comfort. The shoulder straps strip off not only the burden but also relax your neck and back which makes a smooth journey anywhere you want to travel with your laptop.
  • HIGH DURABILITY: These vegan leather backpacks are made with high-quality leather preventing the leather from peeling off making it perfect for any weather. Padded interiors and a water-resistant base keep your belongings safe. 
  • TRENDY DESIGN: With changing fashion and trends, this is a perfect choice to choose. Cool tail zippers complement the compartments provided and have a fashionable construction that suits formal and informal attires. 
  • LARGE SPACE: These travel backpacks are quite spacious for extra items you want to tag along. These are the best laptop shoulder bags with large compartments and a separate laptop compartment. Comes with front pockets for items like phones, chargers, wallets, keys, notepads, and more. A secure closure to protect your essentials and the different segments to keep your things organized.
  • BREATHABLE STRAPS:These bags have meshed padded breathable shoulder straps to your rescue. The airy straps with padded bases relieve your back and neck from load stress. Adjustable to fit in the way you want and enjoy your path smoothly.
  •  WARRANTY: 6-month warranty period with excellent service. Buy today the Best Backpacks for men and women.


Leather laptop cover


Laptop sleeves are designed to be the savior of your laptop.  A cover to protect it from any harm and give it a comfortable space. With vibrant colors to support your laptops regardless of any shape, size, or label. Aircase presents elegant -looking leather sleeves for office charmers. Sleeves that complement your exotic fashion in your working space.

  • SUPREME PROTECTOR: The very purpose of the laptop sleeves is to protect your laptop. Aircase comes with excellent quality leather to keep your laptops in their best condition. Breathable pores in the material give wrinkle-free, water-resistant, and impact-resistant qualities to your laptop protector. You no longer need to be concerned about pollutants such as dirt, dust, water, or scratches.
  • CAPACIOUS: Space is something not to worry about. As mentioned big, medium, or small you can slide any laptop you want. All you need to worry about is the color and variety you want to buy. Being choosy? Well, leather is the right choice for you, it's classy, trendy, and always in fashion. These sleeves not only have a big compartment for your laptop but a small front pocket for your other small gadgets like hard drives, chargers, mice, etc.
  • TRAVEL BUDDY: A useful companion to tag along with. Slim, lightweight, and easy to carry because of the grab handles attached to the top. Perfect zippers to hold your laptop preventing any damage. 
  • CUSHIONING SUPPORT: The inside surface of a laptop sleeve that touches the surface of your laptop is crucial hence extra cushioning within the sleeves makes it shock- resistant  and convenience to move carefree.
  • INTRIGUING DESIGN: The design makes it comfortable to hold in your hands. The sleeve is designed in such a way which is convenient for men or women of any age or type. Handles to grab easily and walk freely. It goes with any fashion style you prefer. Enhancing the essence of your style. 
  • ASSURANCE : 6 months warranty with impeccable service and appropriate cost.


Leather travel pouches


Travel kits or organizers are medium-sized pouches that are like travel assistants useful for both short and long journeys. With perfect structure and design to upgrade your travel. Keeper of minute but crucial essentials with easy reach.

  • Exquisite style combined with pragmatism with a three-month warranty time.
  •  Though trendy, but one of the most practical bags or rather a pouch you would want in your travel bags. Not just a leathery pouch with a detailed design, but a solution to last-minute grabs.
  •  Crafted for both genders to organize the accessories perfectly.
  •  A must for meticulous organizers who want to travel carefree. A subtle pouch that can be slipped into premium office bags or laptop backpacks.
  •  From Cosmetics to medicines, hold the string between you and your perfection.


Leather duffle bags


Duffel bags are popular seabags due to their unique top closure quality. Carryable for a variety of activities, with plenty of room for your belongings. A must-have for sling Fans. It is neither too small nor too big for travel, a perfect fit for men and women both.

  • Construction: Duffle bags are manufactured for number of activities, including travel, gym, sports, work, and storage. Top grade zippers and metal straps. Brass-coated metal for exquisite style and vogue.Available in variety of sizes and styles.
  • Voluminous- This feature is always the highlight of the Aircase travel bags, giving space not only to  the essentials you carry, but the need for peculiar situations. With a main Interior compartment of 20 liters, exterior front pockets, and segmented space for the essentials you want to transport. 
  •  Extra Durability: Top-notch vegan leather is used for excellent durability compared to other labels, which can withstand wear or tear in any situation.
  • Comfort Travel: The meticulous construction and structure make it easy to carry, available with wheels in some for a smooth ride.
  • Fad and assurance: With 6 month warranty time it's an excellent choice for trendy folks.


Aircase offers the best leather bags in the industry. We have leather duffel bags, office shoulder bags, office laptop backpacks, and travel kits for men and women both, you name it - we have it! With an unrivalled warranty and distinctive taste, we have earned the trust of over 4 million customers. Excellent customer support with free shipping all across India. The best platform with reasonable prices that you should not miss!